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Pride 1: Rainbow Slime Kit!

It's LGBTQIA weekend in San Francisco, so now you can show your support from home! This is a multi-pack, meaning that you'll bet able to make 6 batches of slime with this kit! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple slime all together in one giant pack. Keep them separate as long as you can, but you know that eventually you'll want to mix them together to see the glorious mixing rainbow! Each slime is usually $10, so this kit includes a 6th color entirely for free!

This kit includes:
- 12oz clear glue (six 2oz bottles)
- 12oz liquid starch (six 2oz bottles)
- 7mL liquid watercolor (five 1mL pipettes and one 2mL pipette)
It will make approximately 24 oz of slime.

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$50 each (sales tax included where required).
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